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3001F-slideshowHave a new promotion you want to advertise?

No problem!  Our machines have a 12 inch high definition LCD advertising monitors large enough to view from 50’-75’ away – reaching nearly the whole population of the bar.   Additionally, our machines allow for both still image and video-based advertisements as well as offer audio component capabilities. This allows you to build vibrant, media-rich messages directed to the right audience – bar patrons!

Displaying eye-catching advertisements on the Boozelator Breathalyzer Machine is a great way to attract customers to the machine and equate to a higher percentage of user engagement. Most bar patrons say that indoor advertising catches their eye and consider it a good way to learn about new places and/or products. Additionally, advertising on our machines allows you to target the right demographics for your advertisement, such as: location, type of facility, general age range, etc.

Displaying your advertisements on the Boozelator Breathalyze Machine is a great NEW way to advertise and catch attention from bar patrons. Try it today!

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  • Our vision

    Texans Drink Smart encourages and promotes safe alcohol consumption by placing Breathalyzer Vending Machines in local bars & restaurants.

    Our hope is that by allowing patrons to test their BrAC, they will make smart choices on whether they are within the legal limit to drive.

  • 85,715

    Number of people arrested in Texas in 2011 for DUIs.


    Number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2011, making Texas No. 1 in the U.S.

  • 6,424

    Number of DWI arrests made by the APD in 2012.


    Number of DWI arrests in Austin from 1/2013-8/2013.
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    We proudly serve all of Texas and are happy to discuss placing a Breathalyzer Vending Machine in your local bar or restaurant.

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