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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the Boozelator Breathalyzer Machine.  If you additional questions, or you’d like to discuss how to install a breathalyzer machine in your bar or restaurant, call us TOLL FREE 1 (800) 830-6682

Frequently asked questions

+ What is the difference between the SEMICONDUCTOR and FUEL CELL SENSORS?
  • Semiconductor Sensors: Semiconductor sensors “were” the industry standard in vending due to the fact that they are cheaper out of pocket.  They require a ‘sterile air’ environment to have a decent accuracy, like a laboratory where they are made, however, anything but a clean air environment can cause vast inaccuracies. Semiconductor sensors are affected by air quality, so alcohol fumes in the air, smokey bars/night clubs, perfume, cologne, hairspray and other air pollutants are likely to create inaccurate (sometimes vastly inaccurate) readings and cause the sensor to have delays when warming up for use.  In a well ventilated location, they can be okay units, but should never be used for safety.
  • Fuel Cell Sensors: Fuel Cell Sensors are among the best and most accurate sensors available, and the only one of the two that is used by law enforcement to ensure the most accurate readings.  Our Fuel Cell Sensors are German engineered using Platinum Fuel Cell Technology. The fuel cell sensor ensures high accuracy results as long as they are kept calibrated, and with high accurate results, you will also find more repeat users!
+ Why haven’t breathalyzer vending machines become popular in bars yet?

Breathalyzer vending machines are becoming popular in certain areas of the country, and will be in your area in the near future, it is just a question of who will be the pioneer in your area! There are several reasons why this much needed product has not been made a normal fixture in every bar establishment.

  • The standard in breathalyzer vending up until now has traditionally been with the use of a semiconductor sensor, which is strictly a novelty sensor when it comes to detecting alcohol levels. Most people/bar owners want nothing to do with a public breathalyzer machine that gives inconsistent and inaccurate readings. We have combatted this downfall with the integration of a high accuracy, law enforcement grade fuel cell sensor for results you and your users can trust. If it’s good enough for law enforcement, than it’s good enough for us.
  • The standard design in breathalyzer vending machines have always been unattractive and cheap looking, and most bar owners do not want an ugly machine on their wall. We have combatted this with a classy and professional design so it can be placed in even high-end clubs and lounges Breathalyzer vending manufacturers and resellers have done a very poor job in marketing their product and providing customer support to assist their customers in growing their vending routes.
  • DUI laws weren’t as strict in the recent past as they are today, so the need for a public breathalyzer machine wasn’t as apparent, nor were people concerned as much with drunk driving. DUI laws are becoming evermore strict, and there is NOW a need for this type of service in a bar. In past years BrAC vending machines were used strictly for fun, now they are also used to promote safety, and the Boozelator® is now the standard with it’s high accuracy, sleek design and unparalleled customer support.
+ Can I be held responsible if a patron uses my machine and gets a DUI?

No! In order for a breath alcohol test to hold up in court, several steps must be taken:

  • The test must be given in a controlled environment in a designated room, free from polluted air (IE – anywhere public is not a suitable location).
  • The test must be administered by a certified tech. Just as the above, a person cannot self-administer their own drug or alcohol test to hold up as evidence.
  • The breathalyzer must keep detailed records, including a time, date and result of each test. The Boozelator®3001 does not keep records.
  • The breathalyzer must have two sensors that must be accurate within a certain range of each other. Every state may have a slightly different range. The Boozelator® only has one sensor, just like a roadside police breathalyzer. For reference: even a roadside police breathalyzer that the police keep in their cruisers is not meant for evidence, it is simply meant to generate probable cause in order to bring you to the station to administer the official breathalyzer test.
+ What are the specs of the Boozelator® 3001?
  • SIZE: 24″x16″x6″
  • WEIGHT: 25-35lbs (depending on the model)
  • CAPACITY: 400-600 Straws & 400-600 bills.
  • ACCURACY: +/- 0.005%
  • 12 volts


  • Our vision

    Texans Drink Smart encourages and promotes safe alcohol consumption by placing Breathalyzer Vending Machines in local bars & restaurants.

    Our hope is that by allowing patrons to test their BrAC, they will make smart choices on whether they are within the legal limit to drive.

  • 85,715

    Number of people arrested in Texas in 2011 for DUIs.


    Number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2011, making Texas No. 1 in the U.S.

  • 6,424

    Number of DWI arrests made by the APD in 2012.


    Number of DWI arrests in Austin from 1/2013-8/2013.
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